Social Media for Finance Industry

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Social media strategy for the Financial Industry

We get it – social media marketing in the financial sector is a challenge. How can a financial institution gain the trust of its customers, comply with the industry’s burdensome regulations, yet also somehow appear lighthearted and relatable online? The solution is through effective and experienced social media strategy. With ICUC’s global team of social media moderators at your side, the possibilities of online growth for finance companies are virtually limitless.

Newer financial institutions that embrace the power of social media are staying ahead of the game. Within an industry where every business offers nearly the same products (banks, insurance, financial advice, etc.), consumers make their decision based on one overwhelming factor: trust. Online reputation plays a crucial role in how your business compares in trust value to your nearest competitor.

ICUC’s comprehensive social media management services extend the capabilities of your financial services, building your online reputation and working alongside you to win over the trust of your customer base.

Why Finance companies need Social Media Marketing

The average consumer is highly skeptical of financial institutions and highly protective of their assets. Customers need to know your financial company is trustworthy, but directly promoting your trustworthiness will come off as insincere. Social media marketing showcases your business’s advantages to a potential customer base in a way that is real and authentic to your company.

Banker’s hours don’t cut it online. ICUC’s global team of social media moderators partners with your business to monitor your customers’ conversations in real-time, in dozens of languages and all around the world. We monitor not only the major social networks but also online forums, review sites, and everywhere else your customers might be mentioning your name.

Thoughtful and original social media content builds your brand’s authority as a thought leader in the financial services sector. Generating authentic content will help you win over your skeptical audience, promoting the trust and value of all your products or services.

Marketing is about getting the right message, to the right audience, at the right time. For the finance industry, this proposition is easier said than done. Your audience is far from a homogenous group and needs to be studied and analyzed in detail to be understood. Social media allows you to capture valuable information about your consumer base, building a target audience that will engage with your content and drive ROI.

Social Media Services for Finance Sector

ICUC offers a wide variety of social media marketing services for the financial services industry. From the development of initial social strategy to engaging with customers directly through social listening, or by the creation of viral, creative social content – ICUC can provide support every step of the way.

Social Media Marketing of Finance

A partnership with ICUC begins with our team working to understand your business’s goals and objectives, developing in-depth knowledge of your niche audience. We strategically benchmark your business against competitors in the finance sector, determining the best content practices to market your online presence.

Social Media Listening for Finance Brands

ICUC’s social listening services and moderation services offer your brand the ability to track your audience (or potential audience) across millions of online, social interactions. With these new insights gained on your business, new leads are generated, and optimal online growth is ensured. ICUC ensures 24/7/365 coverage of your online customer service, protecting your financial company from crisis through proactive crisis management.

Online Reputation Management of Finance Companies

Building trust, and developing a positive online reputation, is critical to the success of financial companies today. Our team of experienced reputation moderators handles all your review responses in real-time, mitigating any damage from upset customers.

Social Media and Finance FAQs

How can Financial Advisors use social media?

For the finance sector specifically, the goal of social media should be to promote the authenticity and trustworthiness of your brand against your competitors. Social media allows customers to get to know the “real” face of your company, and not just see you as another bank account. ICUC engages your community on Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform your customers are found.

Which networks are the best online social communities for finance?

While Facebook remains the most prominent social media powerhouse in terms of audience size and ad targeting options, newer social players such as LinkedIn are increasing their value for financial service brands. During our onboarding process, ICUC will provide an in-depth analysis of your company’s unique online position, which will help our team determine where you should focus your digital marketing efforts. Contact us today to get started.

Will ICUC help us build trust with our audience?

Definitely. Of all the losses from the financial crises in the last decade, consumer trust is perhaps the most challenging asset to restore. ICUC’s research tools help you better understand your audience’s needs and pain points, allowing you to foster a relationship with your customer base that is sincere and authentic. Use ICUC’s insights to build active social communities and engage with your audience online.

Is there a real return on social media for the finance industry?

Absolutely. ICUC can unlock a trove of valuable social media data about your current and future customers. It’s more powerful than traditional research methods, less expensive to acquire, and you can get it in real-time.

Will we see more conversions with ICUC social media services?

Yes, you likely will because we track your audience across millions of micro-interactions. ICUC learns what motivates your audience. You can then use these audience-specific insights to improve your products, convert new audiences, or engage niche segments you’ve never been able to access before.