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Understand first, influence second

If the medium is the message, then where does that put social media? It’s equal parts input and output. It’s marketing, PR and customer service all rolled into one. And for some reason, the media industry struggles to win in this multidimensional space.

Brands spend millions of dollars on campaigns that fizzle out. Or if they do get traction, are impossible to measure in terms of ROI. Our comprehensive social media platform helps media companies make sense of this conundrum. Plus, you get a scalable team of social media experts who can represent your brand 24/7/365.

How ICUC helps media companies make sense of social media

Getting 24-hour monitoring of all your social media channels. 365 days of the year.

Leveraging 16+ years of expertise to find your optimal social media strategy.

Outperforming your competition with new avenues for communication.

Unlocking holistic customer insights that help sales and marketing work together.

Extending your social media capabilities with expanding your in-house team.


How will you keep our voice consistent across so many social media channels?

Audiences today consume content in many formats, often at the same time. But being multi-channel means consistent, quality content—in a single brand voice— across the world in every time zone. ICUC is the only company up to that challenge. We become brands online, so you can focus on what matters.

Can you target the right audience?

A big audience is good, but the right audience is better. We help companies understand the difference between a follower and a fan. We listen so you can see the entire social customer journey—and activate the right people at the right time.

Will you uncover ROI?

Yes! We know that uncovering ROI in social media can make you feel like you’re stuck in a maze. ICUC helps media companies navigate the social media labyrinth. Our social media experts work around the globe and listen 24/7. Our social media intelligence will guide you in finding true ROI from your programs.