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Vigilant, real-time protection to safeguard your brand

The Pharmaceutical industry has some unique challenges within the social media sphere such as the FDA, US state-level disclosure laws and other regulations that create risk for pharmaceutical brands on social media. However, market share increasingly depends on your company’s ability to communicate online. But it needs to be done well—rest assured when you partner with us we work around the clock to monitor, moderate and manage social media.

Don’t you think it’s time to join the conversation?

How Pharmaceutical companies benefit from social media

Accessing troves of social media data to derive actionable customer insights.

Identifying content that influences your customers and turning it into new leads, sales and increased ROI.

Leveraging our brand-building capabilities to differentiate you from your competition.

Providing sophisticated social listening, monitoring and tracking tools to help you listen to payers, physicians and patients across a number of social media channels.

Aiding you in providing key messaging through Content Marketing Pharmaceutical Industry.


Will social media help me reach a new audience?

Direct-to-consumer advertising and detailing are no longer effective. In the US and UK up to 20% of physicians now refuse to meet with pharmaceutical sales reps. ICUC gives you new ways to engage audiences with a comprehensive social media platform.

Can social media help with adverse events?

Regulations make social media marketing a daunting challenge. With ICUC you have a reliable partner that can guarantee response times. We ensure your brand has near-perfect compliance to regulations.

Is social media for companies imperative?

Yes. It’s increasingly important to speak your audience’s language via social media. We help you define your audience and know which messages are important. Imagine producing compelling content that aids in decision support for physicians or provides education to policy-makers. With us you can drive relevant awareness with the right audiences.

Does social media give me an edge over competitors?

In the pharmaceutical marketplace, product is only part of the story. Brand is increasingly important to market share. We let you transform social media data into new ways to broaden your reach and focus your message. Stay ahead of competitors with a stronger brand story.