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Build it and they will come? Not always

Digital transformation is happening and its implications reach industry wide. From century-old category leaders to disruptive upstarts, everyone must adapt. Technology companies might feel immune—after all, it’s their technologies that are upending traditional business models. But technological prowess doesn’t ensure marketing success.

In the changing economy, trust, segmentation and relevance are the true levers of growth. Social media is the best way to activate them. ICUC gives Technology Brands a way to know what the market is saying right now. Consumers want brands aligned to their cultural and ethical values. ICUC’s social media solutions let you engage in a continuous conversation with your customers, so you can understand who they are and anticipate their needs.

How ICUC gives Technology Brands a window into the market

Building more than products: building a community.

Extending your social media capabilities with our comprehensive solutions.

Entering new markets and knowing the lay of the land.

Making use of social media data in unprecedented ways.

Creating an authentic brand voice that connects with consumers.


Can you help us understand new markets?

ICUC lets you listen to conversations happening about your brand, products and competitors—in over 30 languages. We can identify evolving trends faster than traditional research methods. Know the true unbiased public opinion about your business and your market before your competition does.

How do you ensure that content connects with users?

With user generated content (UGC), which helps drive conversions. UGC gives your customers a voice and it empowers your most savvy consumers. Uncover new audiences, manage all your content on a dashboard and build landing pages populated with UGC.

Will you help us link social media and sales?

Even technology companies can fail to properly use their social media data. ICUC can integrate your social customer data, so it is accessible in one place. Track your customer across the entire customer journey. Therefore, you can spend more wisely because you’ll see the whole picture.