Review Management

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In a nutshell

The importance of responding to product reviews in a timely manner cannot be understated. It is critical to the success of your business.

When using our Review Management Services we, among other tasks, monitor and respond to location and product reviews with the goal of improving reputation and increasing sales. As an extension of your team we stay on top of reviews – by reading them, responding to them and analyzing the data.

We also have app reviews covered. The apps your business uses for employees or customers are an essential aspect of growth. Moreover, in order to encourage adoption, apps must be managed properly. This is a time-intensive task, but with our global scale and two-pronged approach of utilizing humans and technology – we’ll execute app reviews seamlessly.

Why Review Management matters

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Alerting you when there is a negative review to engage with customers and gain insight.

Executing an immediate action on problem products to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty retention.

Applying customer feedback to product development in order to evolve offerings.

Benchmarking product performance against competitors, so you know where improvements are needed.

Correcting inaccuracies in your online listings, and then ensuring your locations rank higher in local search results.


What happens once clients receive data crunched from Review Management and App Review?

The information is then distributed to various teams within your organization such as development, UX, customer service and product management. The data will generate new leads, increase ROI and expand product offerings.

What types of data are collected via App Review Management solution?

General data includes: reviews, keywords, ratings, ranks, updates and sales. However, we can narrow our focus on certain areas that you’re interested in.

Is Online Review Management a way of controlling reputation?

Absolutely. We ensure that all online reviews of products and services are overseen, which in turn allows you to control your online reputation.

Case Study


ICUC Social monitors thousands of reviews on TripAdvisor. We translate and re-write in 13 languages monthly.

2,000+ Reviews monitored monthly.

Case Study

NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA partnered with ICUC to help manage an overwhelming amount of Yelp reviews. With 582 corporate locations across the United States, NAPA needed guidance in responding and acknowledging customers leaving store reviews and feedback across the hundreds of locations.

Additional website clicks per month

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