Online Review Management Services

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Online Review Management in a nutshell

The importance of responding to reviews in a timely manner cannot be understated. In 2019, the words your company uses when handling a negative review have incredible power. Your response can either bring in more sales or turn away potential customers. Simply put, online review management is critical to the success of your business.

With ICUC review management services, our global agency of digital communication experts monitor all your product and business listing reviews. Our team will manage and respond to all your online feedback, with the goal of improving reputation and increasing sales. As an extension of your team, we stay on top of reviews so that you can focus your time back on your business.

App review management is a key component of review services offered by our agency. Apps provided to employees or customers of your business are an essential aspect of growth. In order to encourage adoption of this technology, apps must be actively managed. This is a time-intensive task, so let ICUC handle the work with our global scale and 24/7 coverage.

Why Online Review Management Matters

95% of buyers read online reviews before making a purchase

Online reviews have completely transformed the modern day customer experience. Your online reputation is often the first interaction a customer has with your brand.

Consumers are highly skeptical of 100% positive reviews

Pushing only positive review requests can backfire. Negative reviews bring credibility to your review page, and your response to those negative reviews either improve customer satisfaction or turn away further business.

Review response in real time assures your customers that you care

Business owners who do not address reviews can be seen as callous by potential customers. ICUC’s global team assures that your reviews are handled promptly and thoughtfully.

Reviews can help your business appear closer to the top of your customer’s Google searches

Search engines reward sites with review responses, so businesses who value customer reviews have an SEO advantage as well.

Tasks executed by our Online Reputation Management team

Reviews are monitored 24/7 by a global team of social media experts

All reviews are responded to promptly, improving customer experience in real time

Actions on problem products are executed immediately, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty retention

Customer feedback is applied to internal product development, improving ROI

Negative review responses are handled by a team experienced in online reputation management, preventing any further damage from upset customers

Product performance against competitors is benchmarked, allowing your business to see where improvement is needed

Inaccuracies in your online listings are corrected, thus ensuring that your locations rank higher in local search results.

Our Reputation Management Services

Reputation and Review Management

ICUC dedicates a team of digital experts to monitoring and protecting your online brand. Consumers trust online reviews, so the management of your online reputation must be considered a critical task for your company.

Crisis Management

An online reputation crisis can happen at any moment, so your business needs to be prepared. Would your internal team know how to handle a sudden influx of angry tweets directed at your company? How about an upset customer suddenly spamming all your review sites with fake reviews? With ICUC, you can rest assured that a crisis response plan is always in place, and immediate action will be taken to mitigate negative online content.

Brand Protection

Whether you’re a corporation or a small business, review management is a daunting, time-consuming task. Ensure your happy customers stay engaged with your brand, and any negative experiences for your customers are alleviated by a prompt and compassionate response.

Online Review Management FAQs

What types of data are collected via your Review Management solutions?

Our review management platform compiles a vast amount of data, which can include reviews, keywords, ratings, ranks, updates and sales. We will work with your team to focus on certain areas most relevant to your business.

What happens once clients receive data crunched from review or app management?

The information is then distributed to various teams within your organization such as development, UX, customer service and product management. The data will generate new leads, increase ROI and expand product offerings.

Is Online Review Management a way of controlling reputation?

Absolutely. We ensure that all online reviews of products and services are overseen, which in turn allows you to control your online reputation.

Do you track sentiment of reviews?

Yes, in addition to seeing the reviews and responding to the reviews, our solutions offer
robust reporting options, including sentiment.

Case Study


ICUC Social monitors thousands of reviews on TripAdvisor. We translate and re-write in 13 languages monthly.

2,000+ Reviews monitored monthly.

Case Study

NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA partnered with ICUC to help manage an overwhelming amount of Yelp reviews. With 582 corporate locations across the United States, NAPA needed guidance in responding and acknowledging customers leaving store reviews and feedback across the hundreds of locations.

Additional website clicks per month

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