Social Listening & Reporting

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In a nutshell

Step 1: Grab a cup and put it against the wall.

Step 2: Put your ear to the cup.

Step 3: Voila…you’re Social Listening! Just like us. Except we take it a few steps further.

We implement tools from our global team to help you react and engage with fans and followers. Through Social Media Listening we gain insights to target and engage customers on their path to purchase. Additionally, by harnessing Social Listening and Social Media Insights we help you understand conversations that are happening regarding your brand, competitors and marketplace. ICUC supports social research by prepping data, so that your team can dive right in.

Why Social Media Listening is imperative to your business

Utilizing Social Listening, which is the process of monitoring digital conversations, to identify customer engagements and convert them into opportunities for your company to shine.

Identifying opportunities for new profit from audiences you're already engaged with.

Testing hypotheses before executing market strategy to ensure optimal growth.

Preparing social media data to generate new leads and encourage business growth.

Understanding customers and increasing revenue by becoming intuitive with their wants and needs.


How does Social Listening work?

With a lethal combination of sophisticated technology and human experts we’re able to listen to all conversations your customers are having online. We can sort through a variety of metrics from sentiment and location to demographic information. We turn this into custom reports, analytics and engagement advice.

What tools do you use for Social Listening?

Our Social Media Listening Services use a variety of tools from image analysis to crisis monitoring executed by humans and technology. The exact tools depend on your specific social needs.

How do you come up with insights?

We utilize ICUC activity reporting, fan profiling and campaign performance analysis, among other measures to provide you with valuable insight that will increase ROI and generate new leads.

Does good data make a difference?

Does it ever. For the last FIFA World Cup we analyzed 1.5 billion social data points. We analyzed all incoming conversations and then provided daily reports on key matches, players and incidents to support communications planning. The end result? The big data helped FIFA make informed strategic decisions.

Case Study

Coca Cola

With the wildly successful “Share a Coke” campaign, the brand wanted to capitalize and expand on this initiative. The concept was simple: In Times Square, users could tweet their name with the hashtag #cokemyname, and they could see unique facts about their names displayed on a Times Square screen.

Explosive activity, 5.44M impressions in 3 weeks.

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