Social Media Content Creation Services

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Social Media Content Creation Services in a nutshell

High quality content creation generates the right kind of online conversions and audience activity to create ROI for your business. With over a decade of experience in building social content plans, ICUC is the right strategic marketing partner to create, manage and promote your content online.

We offer social media content creation services that include written content, social posts, infographics, video and photo assets, social media management and more. Every asset created by our team for your company will speak directly to your core customer and align with your business goals.

ICUC is available 24/7 to tweak plans and respond to any crisis or opportunity that arises. And with our feet on the ground worldwide, our global agency is uniquely positioned to localize and translate your content into 30+ languages, extending your reach to a truly global scale. We work with you to create organic content that wows your clients and is in sync with paid media plans.

How Social Content Marketing gives you a competitive edge

Optimized content drives engagement, grows your channels and expands your reach

Quality content marketing engages with your target audience and spurs prospect to convert (by filling out forms, buying products and trying out offers)

Detailed reporting gives you measurements on social activity, attribution to sales and a complete integration with a total CRM data strategy

Content schedules, categories and post samples are approved by you before posting live

The publishing, monitoring, and engagement of your social content is created and managed by a global team of social media experts

Social Media Content Creation Services

Copywriting Services and Content Calendar Services

ICUC writing teams are well versed in social engagement. Our copywriters know what it takes to get noticed online, and we work to tell the story of your brand through organic social copy, unique or scripted social engagement responses, content calendars and more. We can reply directly to customers through our online management services, or we can draft replies that are approved by your team. Our copywriters and community managers immerse themselves in your company voice, only producing content that works to bring to life the long-term vision of your business.

Graphic Design and Photography Services

Social media is a visual medium, and consumers can spot generic stock imagery from a mile away. Today’s customer expects their brands to provide unique imagery of every product/service they offer. ICUC tells the visual story of your business through high-quality, dynamic photography. These images can be repurposed for all kinds of unique content for your marketing campaigns, significantly maximizing your ROI.

Video Marketing Services

ICUC can produce high-quality video assets for your business, including locating shooting, corporate promotions, live event coverage, animations and more. Once the video content has been distributed online, we track performance and provide detailed reporting on video views, view completion rate and more.

Content Marketing Research

We understand that every piece of marketing content costs your business money and time. It is always the goal of ICUC to provide ROI, therefore all content produced by our teams are data-driven and optimized for your business needs. We utilize social listening and social monitoring to understand your current brand sentiment. We then take that data and look for ways that fresh content can re-engage your audience, bring in new customers and maximize your online conversions.

Content Marketing Reporting

Based on the data collected from our ongoing research and social media monitoring, our agency can provide custom reporting solutions for your business that focus on your unique key metrics. Some of the reporting that we typically provide includes:

  • Social performance including post engagement, reach, and impressions
  • Social strategy audits
  • Live social media dashboards
  • Website and blog posts performance

Content Creation Services FAQs

How are content creation services by ICUC better than your competitors?

ICUC is a global agency with feet on the ground worldwide, uniquely positioning us to localize and translate content into over 30 languages. We have the ability to connect all content to CRM data – creating a traceable attribution strategy. Content shouldn’t be used only as a brand-building awareness strategy but should have tangible connections to ROI. We enable this via content plans and an overall data collection strategy.

Our social media engagement is random, how can you help?

We’ll assess current levels of engagement with specific types of content. From our social monitoring and analysis from our tools, we can show you where to focus your attention to increase sales and ROI.

How do I know the content will be on-brand?

Right from the beginning of your partnership with ICUC, you can trust that we’ll always have your brand voice at the forefront of your online communication. Before any piece of content is written, our content writers will get a briefing from your internal team to better understand your company’s communication style and tone. We can set up an approval system at any level that you’re most comfortable with.

Does content marketing work for every industry/type of business?

Content marketing engages your current audience with new branded content built specifically for them. This content captures interest from new leads and, with ICUC, is always built to convert. High quality content on your social channels is rewarded by Google and other search engines, which can help bring your brand to the top of search results from potential new customers. ICUC works with you to determine what type of social media content marketing is right for your business and industry.

What type of content is right for my business?

This depends on a lot of factors, including your industry, competitors, and your current brand reputation. ICUC takes these factors into consideration and makes data-driven decisions regarding the selection of your focus social platforms, channels and overall content marketing strategy.

Our content plan is built with old tools - is that an issue?

Our agency has worked with virtually every tool and a number of proprietary systems. This shouldn’t be of concern; we’ll jump in and be helpful from the get-go.

Case Study

Breyer's Ice Cream

ICUC Social worked with Breyers to create content celebrating National Ice Cream Day in 2018.

Organic activation with 760K unique impressions made on Twitter

Case Study

Lipton Iced Tea

Work to track down and manage several trending stories flagged for Lipton, prompting a response plan and curbing negative conversations.

of content reviewed (response/removal) prompting creation of new, positive social content plan

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