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In a nutshell

A social presence and Social Media Marketing Strategy go hand-in-hand. You need both. ICUC offers tailored plans and solutions for your target audience that will resonate with clients and attract new leads. With over 16+ years of strategy experience we know what it takes to get your business noticed online.

We create content plans that include production of graphics, video and copy. Plus, ICUC offers the strategy that will produce the best results. And since we are available 24/7 if a content plan changes at any time we can help.

How Social Strategy will improve your business

Implementing a strategy that forges relationships with customers.

Increasing customer loyalty and generating new leads through correct targeting via social media.

Targeting influencers, which allows your brand to develop an outreach strategy.

Monitoring social sentiment to support marketing plans.

Creating content schedules, content categories and sample content for review and approval.

Helping your business get discovered through Social Strategy.

Auditing current social plans to see where improvements can be made.


What are some of the services you provide with Social Strategy?

It depends on your specific needs, but we can provide: strategy presentations, social audits and competitor and industry analysis, among other offerings.

Can't we do a general Social Strategy plan in-house?

You can. But it’s generally not as effective. It’s essential to have tailored plans and solutions that target your audience in order to see increased ROI and new leads.

I have a social media person on my team—can't they strategize?

It’s nearly impossible for one person to come close to our global scale. We can localize and translate your content into 30+ languages worldwide. Moreover, it’s expensive to try and execute in-house. By partnering with us costs are reduced and you have a dedicated team providing engagement and strategy content services.

Case Study

Hidden Valley Ranch

Hidden Valley Ranch partnered with ICUC to raise awareness around #NationalRanchDay while showering their fans with responses during the 3-day Twitter campaign. National Ranch Day is an unofficial food holiday that falls on March 10 annually.

coverage with 6,414 Posts, 4.8M impressions and 7,800+ new followers

Case Study


When IKEA USA approached ICUC, they needed immediate guidance online after recalling 28 million dressers. With their Facebook and Twitter pages flooding in questions and concerns about the recall, ICUC was there to help.

of crisis managed within 18 hours of first contact

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