Social Media Strategy Services

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Social Media Strategy Services in a nutshell

If your business has a social presence, you need a social media marketing strategy. ICUC offers social media marketing services that tailor social messaging to your niche audience. We work alongside you to develop marketing campaigns that resonate with your clients and attract new leads based on data and research. With over 16 years of social strategy experience, ICUC knows what it takes to get your business noticed online.

Our marketing services include the development of branding strategy and creation of content plans that include brand voice development, playbooks, editorial calendars, and the production of graphics, video and copy. We’re ready to handle content updates and crisis communication, day or night. With ICUC as your strategic digital marketing partner, you have a global agency promoting your brand around the clock and around the world.

How our Social Media Strategy Services grow your brand

An intentional social media strategy forges deeper relationships with customers

Social media advertising generates new leads and increases customer loyalty

Search engines favor businesses with an active social presence

ICUC uses social media listening to identify and target the right influencers for your brand

Social sentiment is monitored across all channels to track the effectiveness of marketing plans

A growing social presence drives your website traffic, increasing conversions

Quality content posts increase organic engagement and build your following

New social strategy helps your business get discovered by untapped audiences

Development of brand tone and voice gives your social presence a distinct personality, building a more engaged online community

Social Media Strategy Process

  1. ICUC partners with your internal team to understand your business

    Effective social strategy begins with understanding your business’s goals and objectives, as well as your current audience and target customer. ICUC works alongside business owners and in-house social media managers to understand the core of your business. The copywriters and community managers working on your account will meet with you to understand the voice of your brand, so that social content can be generated from your unique brand perspective.

  2. Strategically benchmark your business against competitors to determine best content practices

    ICUC uses tools and analysts to capture and sort through public social media and online media content to collect sentiment, trending, news items, topics of conversation and general data points surrounding your online presence. We will strategically benchmark your company against your industry competitors to determine best practices for social media channels, style and posting schedules.

  3. Development of an organic content strategy based on your goals

    Competitor analysis and additional research enables our agency to produce unique content that will drive your key metrics and performance targets. Once we have an approved schedule, our team develops content categories and quotas from these categories based on your goals. Our industry-specific research informs strategic decisions on which social media platforms your business should focus on.

  4. Social Content Calendar Implementation

    Once the strategy is approved, we will begin execution of your new content. We develop social media content specific to your branding and style, and can produce any type of social content you’d like: video, copy, photos, infographics and more. Get in touch today to learn what kind of content we can create for your business.

  5. Reporting and ongoing communication

    ICUC places the highest value in maintaining and improving your ROI. Based on data collected from the public social web and/or brand owned channels, we provide your company with custom reporting solutions. Our reporting can include dozens of different metrics, but key indicators we typically provide include:

    1. Competitive analysis and social media audit
    2. Live social media dashboards
    3. Campaign or event reporting
    4. Post and Page engagements, impressions and reach
    5. Influencer activity reporting
    6. Social sentiment
    7. Industry-specific metrics
  6. Growth Reevaluation and ongoing optimization

    Online social strategy is never complete. ICUC provides ongoing reevaluation of your social media efforts, always looking for ways to improve and build on the progress we’ve made.

Social Media Strategy Services FAQs

What are some of the services you provide with social media marketing strategy?

It depends on your specific needs, but ICUC can provide strategy presentations, social audits, competitor and industry analysis, playbooks, editorial and content calendars, and more.

Why can’t my business develop a general social strategy in-house?

Without an expert understanding of what type of social content drives engagement and conversions in your industry, a general social strategy will not be effective. It’s essential to have tailored plans and solutions that target your audience in order to see increased ROI and new leads.

Can’t my in-house social media manager handle social strategy?

It’s nearly impossible for one person to tackle social media. Social strategy requires a team of experts that understand the brand, the medium, and how consumers are engaging online while being available 24/7. That’s a lot to take on without a partner. With our global scale, we can localize and translate your content into 30+ languages worldwide. Moreover, it’s expensive to try and execute in-house. By partnering with us, your costs are reduced and you have a dedicated team providing engagement and strategy content services.

What does a social media agency do?

A global social marketing agency like ICUC provides ongoing social media services that include social media monitoring, social listening, content creation, strategy development and implementation, and more.

Which social media platforms should my business use?

It depends. ICUC will determine which platforms will work best for your company by combining strategic competitor analysis, industry-specific research and information on your customer base from your internal team. We can then build and execute custom social media campaigns that will reach and convert your unique audience into brand loyal customers.

Case Study

Hidden Valley Ranch

Hidden Valley Ranch partnered with ICUC to raise awareness around #NationalRanchDay while showering their fans with responses during the 3-day Twitter campaign. National Ranch Day is an unofficial food holiday that falls on March 10 annually.

coverage with 6,414 Posts, 4.8M impressions and 7,800+ new followers

Case Study


When IKEA USA approached ICUC, they needed immediate guidance online after recalling 28 million dressers. With their Facebook and Twitter pages flooding in questions and concerns about the recall, ICUC was there to help.

of crisis managed within 18 hours of first contact

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